Pamela Stevens

I am 37 years old, married for 11 years and have two children, 5 and 6 years old.  Psychology interested me when I went through a traumatic event in my life.  I was in a big car accident and was diagnosed with depression.  Through my studies I got to know myself better and had a wonderful psychologist that assisted me dealing with my trauma. 

I also have a special interest in drug addiction and alcoholism.  A very close friend of mine suffered from addiction and through this I got educated in this field and could empathise and assist the family. 

I also worked at SAPS Durbanville and assisted victims of crime (house break ins, high jacking, assisting family members on suicide cases). 

These experiences have taught me that in life, everything flows into different stages.  At the traumatic stage in my life, I learned that I can be empowered and I can stand up and be strong. 

Through my counselling services, I would like to assist and empower people in need and coping with daily challenges and also dealing with a variety of issues in life and also assisting in  mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety (etc.)


Specialised Wellness Counsellor

  • Marriage Counselling – Pre and Post marital counselling. Educating on how to use effective communication tools in relationships.
  • Drug abuse and alcoholism counselling and family counselling (family members living with addicted family members or being effected by their behaviour and also assisting addicted individual).
  • Counselling parents with daily life challenges with raising children in a complex world.
  • Domestic violence and victim empowerment counselling by assisting victims of abuse and violence in managing by means of coping strategies.
  • Workplace counselling – supporting people in workplace with negative situations and how to manage stress in the workplace
  • Trauma counselling - debriefing of any traumatic experiences in life (divorce, death, victim of crime, etc.).
  • Counselling victims of abuse (physical and emotional).
  • Counselling people with personal problems
  • Stress and burnout Counselling
  • Bereavement counselling.


Professional Qualifications

BA HSS (Specialisation in Psychological Counselling) Cum Laude (Unisa)
BA Honours Psychology (Unisa)
Practitioner of Person Centred Approach

ASCHP Reg number: SWC18/312