Lyrese Greyvenstein

I am a wife to a wonderful husband for the past 10 years and a mom of two beautiful little boys. Ever since I can remember I took special interest in people and their holistic well-being. This is what encouraged me to study counselling psychology. I am a specialised wellness counsellor registered with the ASCHP with an honors degree in Psychology.

I understand that working through life challenges can be difficult when faced alone, and that by just knowing there is someone willing to assist already makes the journey worth the while. I also have a special interest in working with children as I believe they are our future.

Counselling offer a safe environment to look at one's own life challenges and offer a space to grow and reach one's full potential.


I offer counselling services to individuals of all ages dealing with different life challenges.

  • Marriage counselling which includes preparation of marriage counseling and marriage challenges.
  • Counselling children with daily life challenges and facilitating them to reach their full potential and life goals. Making use of gestalt play therapy techniques.
  • Counselling parents and assist them in dealing with daily obstacles in raising children.
  • Family and group counselling. Providing support and guidance to people and assisting them with dealing with family related challenges that affect the whole group/ family.
  • Workplace counselling. Dealing with bullying, burn out, stress and misuse in the workplace.
  • Domestic violence and victim empowerment. Assisting victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse and empowering them.
  • Trauma counselling. This includes debriefing clients that dealt with death, near death experience or any trauma that cause stress in the life of the individual.


Professional Qualifications

BA HSS (specialising in counselling Psych) Cum Laude (UNISA)
BA Honors Psych Cum laude (UNISA)
Practitioner of Gestalt Play Therapy

ASCHP Registration number: SWC 18/309